Pre-Need - Plan now for the future

You would never choose to cause your family grief and suffering…

… but it happens every day

People die without pre-planning or pre-funding their memorials, and suddenly family members are left to cope with financial burdens and very difficult decisions while trying to deal with their own grief.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Today, more and more people are pre-planning their monuments, lifting a tremendous emotional and financial burden from their families and ensuring nothing is left to chance. By pre-planning their memorials, these people are also locking in the costs at today’s prices.

American Memorials would like to help you through the process of designing a memorial. We offer the benefit of our experience as well as an inspired array of memorial tributes to help you make this most personal of decisions.

Rest assured that the memorials we suggest to you are backed by a one of a kind guarantee, including an unconditional lifetime granite guarantee and an unconditional five-year guarantee on the foundation.

To find out how much you can save, both emotionally and financially, Call Us at 508-836-3846 or toll free 888-375-5600, and we will provide you with complete information. The initial discussion is free, and there is absolutely no obligation on your part.


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